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Mission Statement The Mission of Rocky Boy Schools is is to educate our students to become successful in life by:

  • 1. Demonstrating respect for themselves, for others, and for all things in the environment
  • 2. Being prepared to participating resourcefully and responsibly in a rapidly changing society
  • 3. Recognizing and honoring our traditional heritage
  • 4. Communicating appropriately with others
  • 5. Using cooperative and independent learning strategies
  • 6. Applying problem solving porcesses
  • 7. Meeting challenges and exploring deliberating choices
  • These skills will guide our students toward successful achievement of high quality standards in their education and in life.

    Vision Statement Let the new century record our pathway to success utilizing the wisdom of our elders, the enthusiasm of our young, and the courage of those who envisioned our future.


    2013 - 2014School Calendar



    November/IK KO PI WI KI

    6-7th -Seniors begin job shadowing
    8th - MBI Training from 9-3
    11th - FCCLA Trip to Havre
    13th - ASVAB for Juniors at 9:00
    . . . .Anit-bullying training for select staff
    . . . .EARLY OUT
    13-14th - Seniors to Job Shadow
    17-20th - Admin+ Training for Admistration
    17-20th - Seniors to SCC
    25th - Picture Retakes



    11 - 2015 Yearbook Design Cover Contest ends. See Ms. Duncan about submitting your design for a chance to win a 2015 yearbook.

    January/KE SI PI SIM